Input accounts receivable

Input invoices

Account Receivables - Input - Invoice and Memo
  • The invoices which have tracked in the warehouse, it shall be input into Inventory Management module - sales. When it is done, it will be linked to Account Receivable.
  • The service invoices which have not tracked directly then input into Module Account Receivable

Information of this screen

One invoice is made by Module Account Receivable (AR). Vouchers in Module AR include:
  • Summary
    • Batch No.: Leave blank, software will automatically arise.
    • Period of accounting: (For example recorded on July, 2015: 07-2015), the arising month.
    • Voucher No.: Input the voucher number.
    • Voucher Date: Input the date of arising voucher (it shall be in the period accounting)
    • Voucher Type: Select Voucher Type as Invoice.
    • Invoice No.: Series number stated in the invoice
    • Customer ID: Press F3 to select the customer code
    • Currency, Exchange rate: depending on type of currency to have the corresponding rate to VND
    • Order Number: the number of orders
    • Term: Press F3 to select pay date
    • AR Account: Press F3 to select account receivable account
    • Description (VN-EN): Input description to invoices
  • Details:
    • Account: Press F3 to select the account expenses
    • Description (VN-EN): Input description to transaction
    • Item ID: Press F3 to select the exported goods (if any)
    • Quantity: Input the number of goods
    • Unit Price: Input unit price
    • Amount: Input the amount of invoice
    • VAT Code: Press F3 to select VAT
    • Press Save to record voucher information of the customer.
      • Debit: Account Receivables of the customer – 131
      • Credit: Account Revenues (Account correlative with the risk)

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