Data synchronization
Data synchronization is the process of information exchange and synchronization among multiple data sources in a central server in two-dimensional data (Upload Data - Download Data) in real time
We use SQL Server Replication to make the process of information exchange and synchronization
SQL Server Replication is data copy, encryption technique distributed data from this database to another database, then the data synchronization and data unification are conducted among database
This technology is used from a server to server requiring high transaction, including: improving scalability and availability, data warehouse and reports, integrating data from multiple locations, integrating asynchronous data and offloading batch process. Merge replication is primarily designed for mobile applications or distributed server applications that may cause data conflict
This process is done automatically when connecting to the Internet from local system to central system.
Installation consists of 2 parts:
  • Part 1: Set a local system at the company you need to manage
  • Part 2: The central system is installed at SSAudit, data is concentratively managed on the central server
Local information at your company is synchronized and merged with central system via internet network through data synchronization solution.
Our central system has the ability to restore local data system, so the restoration and maintenance takes place easily and quickly through the Internet.
  • Combine with the advantages of both Winform and Webform classical solutions.
  • Data security and high availability of data
  • Ability to copy and restore data, remote system protection.
  • Information is reflected exactly and timely.
  • Ensure safety and security of data while performing communications.
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