Set up account payable

List of vendors

Account Payable - Setup - Vendor Maintenance

Information of this screen

  • Vendor ID: Code for Vendor
  • Vendor Name (VN): Name of vendor in Vietnamese
Other Info
  • Attention: Person who is representative for vendor
  • Address: Address of the vendor
  • Phone No.: Phone number:
  • Fax No.: Fax number.
  • Registration No.: Registration number
  • Currency: - VND, JPY, KOR, SGD, USD
  • Rate Exchange. The exchange rate of currency which in currency field
  • AP Account: Account payable - press F3 to select an account
  • Advance Account: Account for advance - Press F3 to select an account
  • Terms: The terms of payment - press F3 to select an account
  • Tax ID: The tax of the vendor - press F3 to select an account
  • Bank Account: Account of vendor's bank
  • Bank Name: Name of vendor's bank
  • Address: Address of bank
  • Phone No.: Phone number
  • Fax No.: Fax number

What else can I do from the this screen?

Create new vendor

  • Click New button
  • Input relevant information
  • Click Save button
  • Click New button if create next

Update an vendor

  • Select vendor from the list
    • Filter with the parameters in fields
    • Select page to find vendor and change the maximum records
  • Change the information
  • Click Save button

Export vendor list to excel

  • Click Export to Excel
  • There are a file would be download

Import mass vendor

  • Click Template button to download the template file.
  • Input the relevant information
  • Click Choose button to find the revised file in computer
  • Click Upload to import vendor to system.